5 Star review from TV’s Hotel Inspector

Renowned and respected TV Hotel Inspector Ruth Watson is perhaps known for being a little difficult to please.  Unwavering high standards and a strong love of food together with owning her own hotel and restaurant meant she was the perfect candidate for the Channel 5 TV series.  Ruth presented the series which was broadcast here in the UK and by other networks around the world between 2005 and 2008.

Unsurprisingly, the management and staff of Kingfisher Court, the luxury residential and dementia care home in Sutton-in-Ashfield, were a little nervous but immensely excited when Ruth announced that she would like to visit her sister, Jean who is a resident at the home.

It was rather fitting in that Kingfisher Court with its All-Inclusive living boasts luxury accommodation with its own cinema, private dining, English tea room and hair & beauty salon which is not unlike many 5 star hotels.

Ruth and her sister, Drusilla made the long journey from Suffolk to Sutton-in-Ashfield in November to spend most of the day with each other and with staff being on hand if they needed anything.

Fortunately, the family came well prepared and little more was needed other than quality time to spend with each other.  A wonderful time was had by all and everyone was made to feel welcome but allowed to enjoy their own space and time.

Denise Kinton, Service & Relationship Manager summed it up saying “on reflection, nothing was done differently to what we would do for any other family visits” and so was delighted to hear that everyone was so pleased with the visit.

Ruth Watson took the time and effort to complete an in-depth review of the home via the impartial comparison care home website CareHomesCo.Uk and gave the home and its management and staff a glowing 5-star review.

Owners Andrew Long and Chris Babington who were at Kingfisher Court on the day were delighted to meet Ruth and were on hand to assist if needed as they would any other family members.  Both owners who are key figures at the home know Jean, Ruth’s sister well and could share experiences of both the home and Jean’s involvement with the home.

Both Chris and Andrew were suitably charmed by Ruth and now understand a little more where Jean’s playful side might come from!

All in all, a wonderful day was had and the management and staff of Kingfisher Court will remember the day fondly for a long time.  Chris Babington said ‘It was great for Ruth to come and have quality time with her family at Kingfisher but also for a true personality to take the time and effort to review our home…. Especially so positively and especially one with so much experience in the field of service and hospitality. It goes without saying that Ruth and her family are welcome to ‘visit’ anytime”