Layston Grove Topping Out Ceremony

Wednesday 8th November, 2017. The Mayor of Buntingford, Councillor John Noades and his Consort Janet Noades helped to ward off and appease any displaced spirits during the construction of Layston Grove in Buntingford.  Through the placing of the last roof tile and making the dwelling watertight, the tradition is long held as a celebration and the start of the ‘home run’.  Despite a narrow and steep climb up the three stories to the roof,  the Mayor and his Consort showed remarkable vigour and agility to navigate their way to the precise section of the South Wing of the building to place the final roof tile.  LNT Construction’s Site Manager; Andrew Asker planned and prepared for the occasion by ensuring completion of the roof’s section, it’s safe access and along with Carl CarringtonLayston-Grove-Topping out, prepared the entire site for the ceremony.

Founding partners of Oakdale Care Group, Andrew Long and Chris Babington helped with the placing of the tile.   Sarah Gibbs, Service & Relationship Manager for Layston Grove also helped celebrate the occasion and marks her first week joining the company.  Craig Ambler from Clydesdale Bank, Oakdale’s banking partners, weathered the rain and joined in the celebrations.   Councillor and Consort Noades proved to be fantastic ambassadors for the small town of Buntingford in that their ‘can-do’ spirit and enthusiasm to encourage positive developments for the area shone though….. we are very grateful to them and suspect that any spirits will have most certainly been appeased!  Layston Grove’s future success seems well and truly ‘sealed’.